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It’s all in the picture!

Microscopy on life science delivers concrete, visible evidence of natural events at the sub-micrometer scale.

However, establishing imaging experiments from scratch to obtain data that supports a project is far from trivial. Even minuscule issues in the complex experiment pipeline can result in useless data and enormous waste of time and resources.

What can we do for you?

Whether you would like some professional support over the phone on imaging, image processing or analysis, on-line support imaging session on your microscope or PC, or are exploring possibilities to bring your hardware and software up-to-the-task of your current project we will help you to find a solution.

Strong scientific background on life science research gives us a good background to understand your unique research project and provide specialized imaging solutions.

A solution that will fly not only today but also tomorrow and the days to come.

Who are we?

ICIT is a group of imaging experts with the ambition to master the whole process of scientific microscopy from experimental planning to imaging to image processing and to quantitative analysis.

While we love imaging and find every aspect of microscopy exciting our ultimate goal is to save your time and resources and help you to get the results you need.

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Experience on imaging is not something that we can sell you – but with our expertice help you can start becoming experienced on imaging!

For us it doesn’t matter if you’re a student, professor or a scientist working for a company.  The most important motivation for us is to get you doing imaging correctly from the beginning. We have divided the scientific part of our support in the following categories:

System Integration

Not even the brightest idea or best consulting helps even the most skillful microscopist to produce proper data without up-to-date equipment. By integrating existing and new equipment and software provides you flexibility to match your setup to the needs of your project. Collaboration with hardware and software producers as a system integrator is one valuable assets of ICIT.

ICIT represents the products from the following companies:

High contrast quantitative imaging and HCS microscopy


Livecyte is a quantitative label-free live cell analysis and kinetic cytometry based on Quantitative Phase Imaging. Using only 0,05 % of typical illumination energy the virtual lens technology of Livecyte delivers extremely high contrast images while protecting even the most sensitive cells from phototoxicity. You monitor the effect of your treatment to the cells – not the detection system.

The high contrast images enable robust automatic tracking and behavioural analysis of hundreds of individual cells within heterogeneous cell populations. Unique morphological, temporal, and dynamic phenotypic data make it simple to gain new biological insights and accelerate your research.


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Lambert Instruments – High-end scientific imaging solutions


Lambert Instruments provides imaging products for low light level applications, such as (multi-stage) image intensifiers, cooled intensifiers, intensified high-speed cameras, intensified spectroscopy and intensified cameras. The gated intensified high-speed imaging systems are optimal for low-light imaging for applications ranging from combustion processes (flames and turbines) to dynamic phenomena in living cells that emit light. The microscope attachments provide cameras and light sources for high performance, fast and easy fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) for widefield, multi-beam confocal, hyperspectral and TIRF microscopy.


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Affordable superresolution confocal module


The new RCM-microscope from confocal.nl has an improved resolution and strongly improved sensitivity as compared to most confocal microscopes. Using simple mechanical trick the resolution at 488 nm is pushed to ca. 170 nm. Coupled with a powerful deconvolution algorithm the resolution is further enhanced by around 40%.http://icit.bio/wp-admin/post.php?post=70&action=edit#

It will be available as a highly affordable, customized modular device, which is ideal for labs with specific interests and needs requiring superresolution. The re-scanning confocal module is perfect for upgrading a widefield setup to perform superresolution imaging.


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The vision to lead on a global scale.

Basler is a global provider of premium quality industrial cameras for a wide range of applications. As a publicly traded company with headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany (part of the greater Hamburg metropolitan area) we are a leader in the world market of vision technology, with multiple subsidiaries and representative offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. More than 80% of our products are manufactured for export.

Founded in 1988, Basler has the experience, insight and manpower to lead the industry:

Basler is the largest unit volume producer of digital cameras for industrial applications in the world. Manufacturers of equipment, machines, and plants incorporate our cameras into their own products. Our cameras are predominantly used in industrial mass production, medical technology, the life sciences, retail applications, as well as in intelligent traffic systems.


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MediaCybernetics – from images to answers


The image processing and quantitative image analysis software of Media Cybernetics simplify and enhance image-based data collection and analysis for those who wish to increase accuracy and automate research, development, and quality processes.

Ranging from GPU-accelerated deconvolution of Autoquant to extremely demanding analyses on 6D image data with ImagePro Premier 9.3 3D MediaCybernetics has a solution for everyone. The highly customizable processing and analysis pipelines enable processing of unlimited data amounts.

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Microvolution – a versatile real-time deconvolution algorithm


Microvolution® software delivers nearly instantaneous deconvolution by combining intelligent software programming with the power of a GPU. The software deconvolves images from widefield, confocal, two photon, light sheet, and HCA microscopes. Blind deconvolution option improves noisy data, such as deep tissue imaging. Multi-GPU options enable even giant images to be processed in seconds.

Microvolution’s method starts with the proven Richardson-Lucy algorithm that is used by most software programs. Other vendors take mathematical shortcuts to speed up iterations, resulting in imprecise images after deconvolution. Microvolution takes no shortcuts. Our software delivers accurate images – up to 200 times faster.


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Cooperative distribution

Together with our partner Chromaphor Analysentechnik GmbH we additionally distribute products from these companies: